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Copyright Statement

Just a little note regarding what I expect and don't expect you to do with the content provided on this site.

All content including, but not exclusive to: photos; videos; graphics; style; code; and prose are owned by, and copyrighted to, Thomas Guymer. Unless otherwise explicitally stated I do not give permission for you to copy, redistribute, use or alter any of the content that is on this site. This is all my own work and I do not want people using it without my explicit written permission (email will do). If you have any questions or wish to use any of this content then you may get in contact with me. Just because I publish things on this website does not mean they are in the public domain.

Some of the work on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons licence. These pages will be individually and clearly marked. The two licences used are:

I also want to add a little note regarding reading the source code of my pages. This notice can be found within every page - commented out within the XHTML.

All content including, but not exclusive to: photos; videos; graphics; style; code; and prose are owned by, and copyrighted to, Thomas Guymer.

Thank You

If you are found to be infringing my copyright then I shall use all means possible to correct the situation. For a list of known infringers see Copyright Infringers.

This page was last modified on 05/09/2015.

The Unfriendly Web

Map of total firewall denials on my servers

Update (September 2015)

This site has changed quite a lot since I bought the domain in November 2005 and first started hosting my own content. During that time the internet has evolved an awful lot; as I write this in 2015 it is almost unrecognisable to what it once was. Gone are the days of hosting your own photo albums from your holidays on your own website: now you create an album on Facebook to share with your friends and family. Got some special photos that you are particularly proud of? Then deviantART or Flickr are the places for you to showcase them. Found an interesting page and wish to share it with your friends? Twitter and Facebook will update them immediately wherever they are. Written some pieces of source code that you think other people might find useful? GitHub will version track and syntax highlight it in an instant.

Consequently, this site no longer has photo albums and panoramas taken from my travels: the special ones are in my deviantART gallery and the normal ones are on my private Facebook page. I don't have a WordPress blog at the minute so I will still keep my articles on fixing technological problems ("Releases" and "Tutorials") on here for archival - if they're useful to you then that's great. If I ever restart publishing code it'll be on my GitHub page.

I have learned a lot since I first started writing (non-public) web pages in 2002. As testimony, this site: does not set any cookies; barely has any JavaScript on it; and is no longer dynamically generated using PHP. Rather, it is completely static with updates propagated using make every midnight thanks to cron.

© 2002-2017 Thomas Guymer. See the Copyright Statement.